9 Best Advices From Billionaires That You Should Use To Be Like Them


Everyone of us want to be millionaire, or even a billionaire, so, he can live comfortable in his life, and buy what ever he want, when we see what billionaires do, it seems like it’s easy to be like them, but in reallity it requires a hard work and a lot experiences to reach that level.

In this Article, we will give some pracitical advices from billionaires you should use to be successful in your life and become one of them.

9/ Not spending money is the same as making money.




The less money you spend, the more you have. It’s an obvious conclusion. Do your shopping rationally. If you struggling with impulse shopping, you can ask yourself these questions before each purchase, “Do I really need it? What if I don’t buy it?”

“People are always surprised that I don’t have a closet full of suits. I buy three suits every five or so years and only own 10 total. That’s all I need.”

T. Boone Pickens, oil billionaire


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