5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When you use your phone


Many people are spending most of their time using their phones, some of them use it for their work and some others use it other activities such as contacting their friends, checking their social media accounts and there are who use it as an alarm or to observe the quality of their sleep for healthy reason, howerver, using the phone a lot might be dangerous specially for our health.

In this article, we will show some bad behaviors that you should avoid when you use your phone, so you can enjoy without harming your health.


5/ Keeping it in contact with your skin




There are several studies that focus on the link between cell phones and cancer, specifically their transmission signal that’s around 900 MHz, which makes your phone get hot. Your skin absorbs the heat easily in tiny bits every time you keep it close to your body. Although there are no other proven effects of radiofrequency radiation on the human body, we know for a fact that the absorption ratio decreases dramatically when you keep some distance between you and your phone.

Try using a headset or speakerphone while talking on your cell, to keep it from touching you and if you’re not using it, leave it far away from you for the least amount of exposure.


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